Videos for Kanzas Real Estate agency

Video for Art Hall

15 seconds vertions

Full vertion


Preparation started from writing scenario and making draft video on the places we were planing to shoot video. I and my gaffer Vlad went to those places to see everything on our own eyes and capture draft shoots.

After this we understood, how everithing will look like, which problems we can face, what type of equipment do we need and duration of our future video.

Shooting of the sceen in appartments. Preparation.

Backstage of Art Hall, setting camera

Shooting building from the street.

Backstage of Art Hall, shooting video on the street

I and gaffer Vlad are trying to adjust lightning.

Backstage of Art Hall, adjusting lightning

While filming, sometimes you need to resolve unexpected problems, such as unworking lamps on the ceiling.

Backstage of Art Hall, adjusting enviromental lightning


Backstage of Sherlock Holmes photosession made by Kanzas Real Estate agency for Prestige Hall advertising campaign